We can’t be the only ones who think so.

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Chelsea and Aubree

It’s no question that Chelsea is absolutely the best mom on MTV’s Teen Mom 2 (although Kailyn is a close second). She’s always there for her daughter Aubree, enrolls her in after school activities like tee-ball, and enforces the rules, just like a good mommy does.

But more importantly, she has the best personality of the moms by far. She’s witty, fun, and just a little bit crazy. She actually interacts with her kid (you’d be surprised how little of that goes on in the show if you’ve never seen it) and the two of them are adorable together.

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At Aubree’s tee-ball game

And then there’s her main squeeze, excuse me, her now FIANCE! That’s right, Chelsea is engaged, and shockingly, not to someone who’s already a baby daddy. This dude Cole is seriously stable. He has a real job and everything (yes, these things are worth bragging about when you’re on Teen Mom 2.)

And between the three of them, they make the perfect little family. Pretty much made for TV right?

But wait, it gets better. Chelsea may be living the perfect teen mom life but baby daddy Adam is the absolute worst. We’re pretty sure they came up with the term “dead-beat dad” just to describe him. And yet, he just won’t seem to go the f— away.

So, a show about a hilarious teen mom who finally has her life together with her fiance, daughter, two dogs, and a pig (yes, they have a piggy) who can’t seem to shake her loser ex? We would so watch that show. Hey, who says you need four teen moms to fill an hour anyways?

Would you watch if Chelsea had her own show?

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Chelsea, her fiance Cole, and Aubree

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