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Reproductive rights are on the forefront of women’s rights campaigns, especially in the era of the new administration. And one Texas lawmaker is taking matters into her own hands.

State Representative Jessica Farrar proposed bill HB 4260, called “The Man’s Right to Know Act”.

The title of the bill is a direct response to “A Woman’s Right to Know”, the name of the literature women in Texas are required to read before getting an abortion.

The bill mirrors Texas laws for female reproductive health and similarly proposes ridiculous stipulations for citizens to adhere to. Under the act, men would be fined $100 for masturbating, requires a prescription for Viagra (given only after a 24 hour waiting period), and would be subject to an invasive rectal exam before a colonoscopy or vasectomy.

If this sounds unreasonable, then you should here what the women’s equivalent says!

Farrar confirms that the bill is, in fact, satirical and understands it will likely be subject to criticism.

Farrar said,

“HB 4260 was written to highlight the glaring inequalities in how medical and reproductive health care legislation is handled for men and women…it mimics how legislators, with no formal knowledge of medical norms or practices, attempt to govern women’s health in the Texas Legislature.”

With major health care changes by the administration and talks of defunding Planned Parenthood, women’s health rights are as vulnerable as ever. We applaud Jessica Farrar for continuing this important discussion.

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