This is seriously awesome.

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For those of you out of the Broadway loop, there was an amazing production of Spring Awakening done in ASL that hit he big time this year. The show uses both hearing and deaf actors to put out a unique performance.

(Authors note: Full disclosure, I totally saw this show on Broadway and it was incredible! It exceeded my expectations and everyone was phenomenal in their roles).

The production originally started in LA, where it was crowd funded and now the actors are taking it back to where it all started: Kickstarter! They started their own campaign in the hopes of taking their performance to the Tony awards. How cool would that be?!

They’ve currently raised over $88K of their $200K budget with 11 days left. The show features amazing actors such as Marlee Matlin (SeinfeldChildren of a Lesser God, Switched at Birth, and basically everything else) and Daniel Durant (Switched at Birth).

Check out their Kickstarter here and wish them luck!!

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