The end is near for season 3 of The Path, and we’re finally getting some answers on Steve, Vera, and the beginnings of the movement.

In anticipation of the finale, let’s talk about each character’s story over the past season, the highs (and lows), and how we got to this point to begin with.


Sarah has officially left the movement. What started out as questions turned into an obsession. She had to find out the truth and whether the light and the ladder are real.

I realize they chose Sarah because she seemed the least likely to travel down this road. She was born into Meyerism and even led the movement with Cal for a time.

But the whole thing felt unrealistic, and exactly for those reasons. Would someone so certain in their faith truly turn a complete 180?

Not to mention that we’ve seen this storyline before. The Path first started out with Eddie questioning his own faith, tracking down ex-Meyerists, and ultimately deciding to change the movement drastically.

But Sarah goes much further than Eddie. She tracks down Lilith after reading her writings in Steve’s journal. She learns the truth about Lilith and Steve – that she was the one with the visions and he stole the whole thing. Of course, he did make a few adjustments, including a happy ending so all followers would end up in a garden rather than a fiery demise.

After experiencing Lilith’s vision of the hellish future for herself, she’s a believer. And now she wants the truth to come out.

the path season 3 review


Eddie was a huge disappointment this season. He let himself get manipulated by Vera, his new PR manager, and took the movement in the absolute wrong direction.

If anything, this season proved that Eddie is not fit to be the leader of Meyerism, regardless of what his visions of Steve told him. Sure, he’s sweet and genuine (and *extremely* attractive), but he’s no Cal. Cal was born to be a leader. After all, he did learn from the best. He’s charismatic and manipulative in the most subtle ways. He can take a skeptic and turn them into a loyal believer for life. Sorry Eddie, but this season you were passive at best. And if you stay as the leader for much longer, Meyerism will surely die.


Cal really went on quite the journey of self-discovery this season. And he ended up becoming one of the most likable characters by the end. At first, he all he wanted was power and followers. And he would do it at any cost, even if that meant stealing followers from Eddie. But he’s no longer that man. Once bitter at the idea of standing in Eddie’s shadow, he seems to finally have found his place.

And even more amazing, Cal is finally ready to dig into his past and goes to see a therapist. I couldn’t be so proud!

the path season 3


Hawk had one of my favorite storylines all season. His new relationship with Caleb and his openness to love was so sweet. He does everything he can to help Caleb and keep him from going to conversion therapy. His love for Caleb is so true and he just wants to see the best in him. He’s always been one of the most genuine characters and I’m so grateful that he’s officially outgrown his rebellious teen years.


Oh, Vera. Where to begin? When she first stepped on the scene, I was so not into it. She was taking the movement in the wrong direction and pulling Eddie’s strings like a puppet. Of course, she was trying puppet master him, as per her mother’s request, but she finally comes around and joins Meyerism.

I understand the need for Vera’s character so they could introduce this whole other plot line of the story behind the start of the movement. But Vera’s character is unlikeable for the most part, and I’m not convinced she actually added much to the show.

the path season 3


Yes, Steve is dead, but his presence is still very much alive. We’ve known for a while that Steve was a child molester but a thief and a liar? Who knew Steve completely stole the visions for the movement and claimed them as his own? Talk about a twist.

Although should it really be a shock to anyone? Steve was always skeezy and now that we know he’s a con artist too, it pretty much just makes him the stereotypical, phony cult leader.

And so here we are, at the brink of the end of the world, or perhaps just the end of Meyerism. If Eddie does end up talking to Lilith, the whole movement could implode and I’m afraid Eddie just isn’t strong enough to keep the community together.

To be continued…


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