Of course there is.

Ready to go green but not ready to commit to a menstrual cup? Thinx has you covered.

That’s right — the geniuses behind your favorite period panties are now bringing you a brand new way to apply your tampons. And the best part is it’s completely Earth-friendly.

Thinx’s new invention is RETA, aka the Reusable Tampon Applicator, which is made of “medical grade silicone,” according to the Thinx website. It’s not 100% clear how many times you can reuse your RETA, but it is meant to be used multiple times.

Thinx noted on their website that every year seven billion plastic tampon applicators are thrown into landfills so this is a great way to end the madness. Of course, menstrual cups would be slightly more green, but not everyone feels like the Diva cup or Lola cup is right for them.

The RETA will be available starting in March 2017 but there is already a waitlist you can join in the meantime. Thinx will also be selling 100% organic tampons, which will be available later this month.

Thinx is also the brand responsible for the period underwear, whose ads can be seen on the NYC subway. They were also the first big brand to use a transgender model in a menstruation ad.

You can sign up for the new RETA here.

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