female gaze
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We’ve officially found your new coffee table book. Brought to you by Charlotte Jensen, Girl on Girl: Art and Photography in the Age of the Female Gaze features beautiful pieces that were made by women for women.

In a time when so many forms of culture (movies, music, fashion even) are so often brought to us exclusively from the male gaze, this book is more important and relevant than ever.

About her inspiration, Jansen said,

We have never seen so many images created by and for women, and I think that deserves a lot of critical attention and deeper reflection. It’s through photography that misogynist and limited ideas about the female body have been fermented in the last century. It’s about time we started deferring to the female gaze.”

The book features the work of famous female artists Zanele Muholi, Lilia Li-Mi-Yan, Alexandra Marzella and more.

The book contains such a wide variety of images including nudes, women on the street, and women in their homes. The book is also extremely diverse and features women globally from Lebanon to India to the United States.

It’s such a rarity to see the female body un-sexualized and also such a pleasure.

The book is officially available for purchase April 18, 2017, on Amazon. You can currently flip through a preview version in the meantime.

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