Sarah Gertrude Shapiro gets real.

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Writer and UnREAL creator Sarah Gertrude Shapiro is not proud of her time working on the set of The Bachelor. She’s admitted to doing unthinkable things, but this may just be the worse.

Speaking to Refinery29, she recalled the time she had to do an exit interview with a smart, beautiful contestant who had just been dumped by the bachelor.

“She was an attorney and I knew she had an eating disorder. Finally, I was just so exhausted that I said: ‘Do you think he dumped you because you’re fat?’ She lost her shit. She was like crying — hyperventilating, freaking out.”

Afterwards, she walked the contestant to her ride to the airport and the contestant told her she had just ruined her life.

“I looked at myself: I was covered in nacho cheese from craft services and wearing size-16 Gap jeans — I had gained a shitload of weight, because I was working all night and eating all the time; my skin was all broken out and my hair was all greasy. I was like: What the fuck have I become?”

While all plot lines on UnREAL are completely fictional, Sarah says she wants to use the series to show just how racist and sexist a reality tv show like Everlasting can be.

Talking to Cosmo, she said,

“We want to make really clear when people are saying these horrible things that, yeah, we know they’re horrible. We in the writers’ room went through a lot of uncomfortable conversations that will hopefully allow those uncomfortable conversations to be had in a productive way outside of the writers’ room too.”

The first episode of season 2 premiered this week was amazing and we can’t wait to see what else Sarah has in store for us.

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