Rumors of a Vanderpump Rules spinoff have been swirling for months and now we finally know the truth: It’s happening!

The spinoff, Vanderpump Rules: Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright Take Kentucky will feature the couple spending their summer vacation in Britt’s home state. And yes, they will be on the farm!

Bravo just released the trailer and it looks hilarious, as expected! For one, Jax is sporting a full-on farm hand look, plaid and overalls and all. Way to fit in, Jax!

It doesn’t look like his stay will be all roses. He admits in the trailer, “I can see myself getting bored real easily here.”

Guess the couple isn’t moving anytime soon, despite Brittany’s mom’s hopes.

More of Cartwright’s family will be featured in the spinoff, including her dad. It doesn’t look like Pappa Cartwright is a big fan of Jax though, and he even tells Brittany that he thinks Jax is too controlling. Ya think?

We have a feeling this will be Jax’s first and last vacation in Kentucky.

Check out the trailer below for a sneak peak. The series premieres this summer.

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