Little gems from our fave cast member of VPump Rules

Sheana Marie Shay of Vanderpump Rules is a seriously wise lady. She knows how to take on haters like a boss while still keeping it classy. In honor of her most recent Insta post, here are a few of our favorite gems.

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Credit: Instagram

You may not like my nails, and I may not like you. Doesn’t mean I comment nasty things on your page.”

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He loves me just the way I am and vice versa. All of you trolls need to step back and look in a mirror. Since when is body shaming okay?”

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“Say whatever you want to say about me. Doesn’t change anything.”

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Too thin. Too fat. Neither is an okay statement to make or opinion to give. Women need to embrace and build up other women. Negativity gets you nowhere. Spread positive energy and good vibes. Be healthy! You’ll be a lot happier in life.”

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