Crushing news, all Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron fans: the once tight couple is no longer even in contact.

Vanessa told Access Hollywood,

“Oh, yeah, no… That’s not a thing that happens. I completely lost contact with him.”


The High School Musical costars dated for five years (2005-2010) so how can it be that the two don’t even speak anymore?

Hudgens previously revealed that she found it really difficult to deal with Efron’s enormous female fan base and even took it out on Efron a bit.

The two have since moved on to other relationships: Hudgens has been dating Austin Butler since 2011 and Efron previously dated Sami Miro, although the two broke up last year.

Although both seem happy independently, we can’t help but feel a bit crushed that they don’t have any kind of relationship anymore.

Since starring in High School Musical, both have moved on to successful careers. Vanessa has a new TV show called Powerless and may appear in the new High School Musical 4. Zac has become a huge movie star and his latest film is Baywatch alongside the Rock.

Remind yourself of the good old days by watching Efron and Hudgens as Troy and Gabriella in High School Musical circa 2006.


Vanessa Hudgens Might Appear In ‘High School Musical 4’

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