If you think Silicon Valley was going to stop at your phone, your watch, your glasses, think again.

The latest in biotechnology is Virtue Labs Shampoo, which claims to have harnessed the power of the best scientists in the world.

According to their website,

“Six years ago, we came across something extraordinary. A group of bio-scientists had found an entirely new way to collect Keratin in its pure form. This incredible protein is what makes up 90% of our hair, skin and nails. They had discovered Alpha Keratin 60ku™.”

Forgive me, but I’m a bit skeptical here. I’m sure there are scientists involved in the shampoo-making process — that shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone. But this Alpha Keratin 60ku™ sounds a bit… suspicious.

Nearly every commercial these days for style and beauty products claims to have used new technology to create the latest and greatest products — and usually have made-up, scientifically-sounding words to back them up.

Fancy ingredient names aside, it does seem that Virtue Labs is using some form of real human keratin, so that much is true. And keratin is certainly no stranger to the hair care world, so not much new here.

Regardless of whether Virtue Labs really is the biotech shampoo it claims to be, it is getting amazing reviews across the web. The Cut, Allure, and Oprah Magazine have all raved about it and The Cut writer Ashley Weatherford even called it ” the best shampoo I’ve ever tried.

Well, at $40 a pop, it better deliver.


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