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Trying to find the perfect app for your anxiety, or even just to ease your stress? We’ve got you covered. After months of trial and error, we officially have the scoop on eight of the top  FREE anxiety, depression, and stress apps available for IOS.

What’s Up?

Pros: Tools for panic or anxiety right in the moment, information for prevention in the future, activities for helping you get in the moment, and super easy to navigate.

Cons: No place to track your progress, pretty basic visuals

Who it’s good for: If you find yourself often becoming panic or anxiety-stricken out and about, this is the perfect tool to have in your pocket. With plenty of different options for helping you get in the now, you’ll quickly find it easier and easier to come out of your panic state and go about your day.


Pros: Easy to use, all tools are absolutely free (!), great for tracking your mood and your progress, customizable so you can pick your own goals to focus on, chat groups for support, meditation options.

Cons: Nothing specifically for in-the-moment panic.

Who it’s good for: Everyone! This is pretty close to the perfect app — it’s basically an all-in-one anxiety killer. It’s also super easy to track your progress over time, which is a plus. It’s also super easy to adjust your daily goals depending on if you’re majorly depressed or just stressed out.


Pros: Visually appealing graphics, topic-specific meditations, and easy to track your progress

Cons: Only a few of the meditations are free

Who it’s good for: Perfect for someone who is merely looking for a meditation app, and nothing more. It’s helpful for keeping you motivated and track your progress.


Pros: The 7 days of calm program helps you exercise your meditation muscles, lots of different background sounds and visuals, tracks your progress for you

Cons: Limited free meditations

Who it’s good for: The beginning meditator! It’s a great tool for anyone just getting started in meditation and would like a little help getting into the practice. Also good for anyone who is looking to get back into meditation after a hiatus.

Self-help for Anxiety Management (SAM)

Pros: Tools for anxiety in the moment, places for you to learn about yourself and your anxiety, places to track your mood

Cons: No places for setting individual goals

Who it’s good for: Someone who really wants to focus on learning about their individual anxieties and what truly helps them to feel better.


Pros: Tons of different tracks for personalizing your experience, bright graphics, a variety of different activities to try

Cons: No help for anxiety or panic in the moment

Who it’s good for: Anyone who works well with goals would find this app for helpful. Probably best for someone with low-moderate stress or anxiety.

End Anxiety

Pros: Offers a 30 minute anxiety hypnosis audio file, easy to to use

Cons: With the free version, you have to listen to the 3 minute instructions every time you open up the audio

Who it’s good for: Someone who’s interested in trying something new! The hypnosis is perfect for listening to right before bed, or to help you fall asleep.

Stop, Breathe, & Think

Pros: Lots of different meditations included in the free version, quick 2-minute meditations that fit into your day

Cons: No other skills offered besides meditation

Who it’s good for: Perfect for someone dealing with extra stress, the app offers lots of brief, positive meditations.


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