Don’t mess with The Weather Channel.

Oh, snap! The Weather Channel, aka the most non-partisan news source perhaps in the whole country, just took on white supremacist publication Breitbart in the most epic way.

It turns out the racist media company ran a story trying to prove that climate change was a hoax and used a clip from The Weather Channel to support their ridiculous opinions. When The Weather Channel found out, they were not pleased, to say the least. The network quickly posted an article titled “Note to Breitbart: Earth is Not Cooling, Climate Change is Real and Please Stop Using Our Video to Mislead Americans.


The article was accompanied by a video in which meteorologist Kait Parker explained,

“Here’s the thing: Science doesn’t care about your opinion. Cherry-picking and twisting the facts — note fact, not opinion — does not change that the Earth is warming.”

She added,

“To all my fellow scientists out there: Let’s make the facts louder than the opinion.”


The Weather Channel has notoriously stayed out of politics in the past but clearly they couldn’t let such a hateful “news” source like Breitbart use their video to support climate change-denying arguments.

Note to all other right-wingers out there: Don’t mess with The Weather Channel.

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