I’m always thrilled when any brand includes plus sizes. But WhoWhatWear’s Target collections just gets it so wrong.

When fashion website WhoWhatWear first started creating clothes for Target in 2016, I was super psyched. The clothes were fun and trendy and reasonably priced. At the time, I was a size 2 so it was easy to find pieces that looked good on me.

But as I’ve gained weight over the years, I’ve found fewer and fewer items that were truly flattering. It was disheartening because it’s hard to find clothes for my body shape and I thought I could count on WhoWhatWear. It became blatantly obvious, however, that many of their pieces were not adjusted for bigger sizes.

The reason that so many brands avoid plus sizes is because it takes a little extra work to get the fit right. What works on a straight-sized, slender model won’t necessarily look good on a curvy girl.

As my hourglass figure has become more defined, I’ve realized things like shift dresses, low-rise pants, and anything with excess material just doesn’t work.

Cut to WhoWhatWear’s new collection and it’s clear that many of the plus size pieces are just not meant for plus size bodies. If the clothes don’t even flatter the plus size models, what makes them think it would look good on me?

The collection features shapeless, flowy dresses, low-rise black pants, and more that were clearly not adjusted for bigger shapes.

I applaud WhoWhatWear for their attempt and even for their use of plus size models, but a lot of their clothes just aren’t flattering for curvy girls.

It’s not all bad, however. There are a few pieces I could definitely imagine making work. But all in all, it’s just a miss, which is a serious bummer because the patterns are on-point.

I wish WhoWhatWear would invest in their plus size clothing because it has so much potential.

Check out the collection below and judge for yourself. Tweet us @femestella to tell us what you think.


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