She has her reasons, trust us.

Author and bonafide feminist beauty expert Autumn Whitefield-Madrano is not impressed with the whole “no-makeup selfie” trend. Sound anti-feminist? Don’t judge so fast.

Speaking with Paper magazine, she explained,

“The presumption of that is that it takes more courage to not wear makeup than it does to wear makeup, and I just don’t find that to be true. I think that’s something you still see, and that’s kind of why I encourage the more fantastic elements of beauty because it is artificial, but there is no attempt at looking natural.”

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Credit: MAC Cosmetics

She added,

“It’s like obviously my hair is not blue. I obviously don’t have these crazy long eyelashes. My lips are not purple. So I think that announcing your artifice in that way is a really intriguing way of playing with beauty.”

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As total makeup addicts, we have to admit that she makes a good point. But hey, whatever makes you feel more beautiful — makeup, no makeup, you do you!


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