She may not be feeling as thrilled as everyone else.

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Credit: Instagram

Ever since marathon runner Amelia Gapin won Women’s Running‘s cover contest, the media has been going absolutely crazy. She’s officially the first Trans runner to grace the publication’s cover, so Amelia is making history.

And while Amelia is happy with the news, that didn’t stop her from feeling a bit conflicted inside. After she was named a finalist, she told New Now Next,

“I’ve always hated the idea of being treated like I’m special. I don’t want to be on the cover of a magazine simply because I was born with the wrong junk and being trans is all the rage in the media these days. I have no desire to play into the voyeurism of trans lives by cis (not trans) people.”

But the co-founder is still grateful to have the chance to represent her community.

“I’m hoping that it shows people that are thinking about coming out, or want to transition and are afraid, that you can transition and things can go well,” she told People upon winning.

While we can definitely understand Amelia’s mixed feelings, we’re glad she ultimately decided to share her story with Women’s Running. Hopefully she’ll be the first of many Trans women to gain representation on the magazine newsstand.

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