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you're the worst
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With only two seasons under its belt, You’re the Worst has already become one of the most anticipated shows this fall. The show took a shocking twist early in season two when it was discovered that Gretchen had clinical depression, which she fell into for the duration of the season.

It was one of the first shows on television to even attempt to portray depression accurately and although Gretchen was starting to feel better by the end of the season, she’s still struggling to maintain her mental health. The show’s star Aya Cash (aka Gretchen herself) recently opened up about what we can expect from Gretchen and her dealings with depression in season three.

“She’s really on a path to try to get better. Clinical depression can come and go very quickly, but it comes back. She’s building the tools to help herself so that it doesn’t get to the low lows again.”

Youre the Worst
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Gretchen will also be attending therapy this season, with her Orange is the New Black‘s Samira Wiley playing her therapist.

“During her therapy, I think she buys in at moments. You hear a little bit about her background, her family. And she starts to really believe that maybe I can help myself, but in the way that often when you’re starting to learn about yourself or reading a self-help book or getting into some religion or going to therapy, where she’s just sort of hitting on the surface level.”

We’re so excited to see how Gretchen handles her depression now that she’s in remission.

You’re the Worst airs Wednesdays on FXX.

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