zara love your curves
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We are all about body positivity and loving the body that you are in. But the new Zara ‘Love Your Curves’ campaign is confusing at best.

The idea of the campaign is fine, but the depiction of the campaign is incongruous and is leaving fans annoyed, and understandably so.

In an effort to promote their curve-friendly jeans, the retailer began a body positive campaign that encourages shoppers to “love your curves”.

The problem? The ad features stick thin models.

This is not meant to bash models with thin builds, but rather to question Zara’s choice of using thin women to be the models of curvy jeans.

Of course, the Internet had something to say about it.

With the growing visibility of plus-sized models in a time when body positivity is at an all-time high, we can’t help but question this choice.

There are amazing curvy models out there, so what’s the deal? Are they implying that this body type is curvy? How did the campaign make it this far in the advertising department? The message is confusing.

We hope that the visibility of this blunder will ensure that representation for the brand will change in the future.

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