So ICYMI, Gigi Hadid landed in some serious hot water after her sis Bella Hadid posted a video of the model potentially mocking Asian’s looks.

In the video, Gigi is laughing, making squinty eyes, and holding a cookie that has the Buddha’s face on it. (This is not looking good for you, Gigi).

The video has since been deleted, but let’s be honest: once something is on social media, it never leaves. Legions of fans have since taken to Twitter to attack her and label her a racist, rude, disrespectful, and offensive.

However, Gigi has had many come to her defense, including her boyfriend Zayn.

He tweeted out,


This, of course, is referencing the fact that Malik is himself British Pakistani, and thus Asain.

The model’s mom Yolanda Hadid also came to her aid on Twitter by writing,

“Only a toxic mind would perceive hugging a chocolate laughing Buddha as racist.”


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