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Poor Zayn was told he won the best video award at the iHeartradio Awards, however, that wasn’t exactly the case.

The iHeartradio Awards pulled an Oscars and awarded the wrong person an award. Although Zayn was told he had won, it was actually Fifth Harmony who took home the award for their “Work From Home” video featuring Ty Dolla $ign.

Things got awkward when Fifth Harmony tweeted about the win, revealing the truth to everyone.

Since Zayn had already made a video accepting an award, iHeartradio did give him the best breakout solo artist award. That didn’t sit well with fans through and they decided to call out iHeartradio for making up an award.

It’s unclear what exactly happened with the award show as neither team has addressed it, but that’s show business for you!

You probably remember a similar occurrence at this year’s Oscars when La Land Land was awarded the Best Picture only to find out moments later that in fact Moonlight was the big winner.

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