She says she wants to be the next Beyonce.

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Zendaya Coleman is officially on a role! The actress and singer recently made her designer debut with her new affordable shoe line and is now releasing a clothing line to match. But this girl isn’t anywhere near done. Zendaya says she’s not going to stop until she’s on top of the world.

Talking with Seventeen she says,

“I hold myself to such ridiculously high standards that if I don’t meet or surpass them, I doubt myself. That fear of not being as good as you want to be can limit you from doing things. I feel a lot of people doubt me in the acting space because I’ve never done a big movie, and that’s why I’m excited about doing Spider-Man—I have no preconceived notions about how I’m supposed to deal with it. But I auditioned just like everybody else, and clearly I did something right.”

 Zendaya added that she believes she should “be nothing shy of Beyonce” — talk about pressure! But don’t worry, our girl can handle it.

talking politics

Zendaya has also become a political role model over the last year or so, using her platform to encourage young girls to get involved with the issues.

This past year was the first year she was old enough to vote and she didn’t take the responsibility lightly.

“I’m not going to lie; it’s so scary. We’re not exercising our full citizenship when we don’t vote. [At] some point, we weren’t even considered human beings. There’s a lot of history around allowing women to vote, allowing Black people to vote. It’s your right.”

As a Hillary supporter, she watched the campaign closely and passed judgement on Malania Trump’s speech plagiarism (which we all judged, of course!)

We’re so impressed with whole Zendaya is transitioning from child star to adult, and we’re so glad to have her as one of our own person role models as well.

Zendaya Coleman’s activism first came to light while walking the red carpet and E! news‘s Guilianca Rancic attacked her dreadlocks, saying that it looked like she smelled like patchouli. The actress immediately took to social media to stand up to her for her culturally insensitive comments.

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