NBD, but Zendaya just won an amazing award for her activism for LGBTQ kids all over the country.

Over the weekend, Zendaya was honored as a “Gamechanger” at the 2017 GLSEN Respect Awards, which showcases those who have had a significant impact on the lives of LGBTQ youth.

If you haven’t heard of the award, let us tell you: it is a big freaking deal. And Zendaya is so clearly deserving. She’s used every ounce of her platform to stand up for the gay community — whether it’s social media, speeches at award shows, or even her own clothing line, which is purposely gender-neutral.

Her acceptance speech at the ceremony was inspiring as hell as she spoke personally about lending her voice to others. She said,

“I have this platform that I’m standing on, and sometimes when you get there, you realize that your purpose is not to stand on it anymore, but to get off and let somebody else stand on it.”


She added how grateful she was to be honored for her activism, and that if she had her choice, her legacy would be her social justice work, rather than her acting.

“I would much rather be known for the content of my character and the kind of person that I am, than the last project that I did.”

In addition to Zendaya, GLSEN also honored Kerry Washington with the “Inspiration” award. How fitting!

To learn more about GLSEN and the work they do, head to their website here.

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