(Or at least it does in Hollywood).

Shine theory has long been a beautiful idea — the notion that powerful and awesome women should befriend each other instead of competing each other; That women who are ambitious and witty and smart should boost each other up, instead of trying to tear one another down.

But unfortunately shine theory has often been just that: a theory. Rarely executed in real life, we almost lost hope that it exists in the wild. But according to Zoe Saldana, it does!

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She recently chatted with Allure about the network of working moms in Hollywood who supported her when her twin boys were born.

“I got an email from Jessica Alba—who I only know from conversations in the bathroom at events—saying, ‘Hey, congratulations. This is my to-do list of how I did things. Maybe there will be something you can use.'”

Later Cindy Crawford even emailed Zoe to offer advice on sleep-training, telling her, ‘There’s this doctor, and I swear by his technique.'”

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That’s awesome! We love that these crazy-successful working mothers are helping each other out, especially because Zoe has been vocal about how unnecessarily difficult it was to get babysitting for her boys approved by certain movie execs.

“That love and support from the network of women around you, it made me really…I get emotional because if we continue to do that, we will be unstoppable,” Zoe added.

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