Why James Corden Sent Trump 300 DVDs

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source: Instagram

James Corden just sent a not-so-subtle message to Trump, in the form of 300 DVDs. Well, 297 DVDs to be precise.

On last night’s show, the late night host shared why he decided to send 297 copies of the movie Philadelphia to Mr. Trump.

Corden explained that he learned about the HIV/AIDS epidemic from the film, and thinks Trump should do some studying himself. Just last week, six members of Trump’s Presidential Advisory Council on HIV/AIDS resigned, citing that the President does not care about the disease. From rolling back on healthcare coverage, to just outright not caring about the issue, these advisors are completely correct.

So to help Trump perhaps have a better understanding of the disease, Corden sent him as many copies of Philadelphia as he could get his hands on. But not to the White House of course, but rather to Mar-A-Lago. Because he wants to ensure Trump actually gets them.

Corden encourages viewers to send copies as well and even provides the mailing address for Trump’s Florida resort.

We are giving James a thumbs up for using his platform for an important issue.

Although we’d like to see more diversity in late night, it’s still promising to see those in the spotlight using their voice for good. It’s growing increasingly less funny to just joke about Trump. Action is key. Although Corden used humor to send his message, he is taking a clear stance and not just making some half-assed “covfefe” pun.

Check out James’ full bit below. If you don’t have time to watch the video, you can just send your Philadelphia DVDs to:

President Donald J. Trump
1100 S. Ocean Blvd.
Palm Beach, FL 33480

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