Master of None Aziz Ansari and Alan Yang on the Show’s Beginnings

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Master of None has only had one season on Netflix so far, but that hasn’t stopped the show from becoming a huge success. If it feels like it happened over night, it only makes sense — in true Netflix-style, the entire season was released at once. And with Parks and Rec star Aziz Ansari at the helm, it made it a sure-fire binge-watching session.

But the show has succeeded because of more than a recognizable face. Master of None has become such a hit due to its sincere relatability for middle-class twenty-somethings and thirty-somethings. It’s simplicity, diversity, and earnestness all contribute to its charm. And that’s exactly what the show runners Aziz Ansari and Alan Yang intended.

According to Alan Yang, “It’s easier to be funny when you’re really mean.”

But while the comedy has gained a reputation for being especially “nice,” Alan says that was never really in their plan.

“The goal isn’t really to be nice. The goal is just to be real. We just want to write how we talk in real life,” he said at Montreal’s Just For Laughs festival.

Aziz added that “the main character is coming from a place of curiosity.”

The duo may not admit that their show is “nice,” but that doesn’t mean they didn’t work hard to cultivate a pleasant atmosphere. Aziz and Alan met while both working on Parks and Rec and tried to replicate the positivity they felt on set.

The show was actually in development long before Parks ended though.

“Every season we thought we were getting canceled. We’re Asian and we plan ahead,” Aziz recalled.

They even got the go-ahead from Master of None‘s executive producer Mike Shur, who was then the show runner of Parks and Rec.

Now the show is off to Italy! If you’ve been following Aziz on Instagram, you’ve probably noticed the ridiculous amount of food porn photos while filming abroad.

Season 2 is currently streaming on Netflix


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