‘PLL’ Troian Bellisario Speaks Out Against Domestic Gun Violence

Troian Bellisario is so much more than just Spencer Hastings —she’s an activist and now she’s using her voice to make a difference.

The Pretty Little Liars actress recently created a PSA about domestic gun violence, specifically to raise awareness about the “boyfriend loophole” in the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act. While the national law prevents spouses and parents from buying guns while living in the same house as their abuse survivor, it allows for boyfriends and girlfriends to do so. In other words, if you’re an abuse survivor living with your abuser but you’re not married, they can buy a gun.

Bellisario explains,

“I was shocked when I learned that 50 American women are shot and killed every month by intimate partners like husbands or boyfriends. This violence against women is entirely preventable. I’m proud to speak out to help close the loopholes in our gun laws that put women at risk.”

Check out the full PSA below and make sure you spread the word!


Lena Finkel
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