Trump Induced Anxiety is Very Real, Psychologist Confirms

trump anxiety

Trump Induced Anxiety is apparently a very real thing. Thought you were the only one thinking of fleeing to Canada? Think again.

What started out as merely a fear in the election as become our worst nightmare, and it’s affected everyone across the board.

Psychologist Carol Wachs told Slate,

“If I have seven patients in a day, it comes up in six sessions, maybe five.”

Another psychotherapist told Slate,

“People are scared. People are distressed, and it’s affecting their level of presence in their relationships with their significant others.”

And even therapists are seeing their own therapists over their distress.

“The therapists that I know are pretty overwhelmed by managing their personal feelings, which we have to do and we’re doing, but it’s a lot.”

Of course, the folks who are hit worst with feelings of worry are those who were marginalized to being with, such as immigrants and minorities, as Psychotherapist Andrea Gitter said.

Therapists say that the anxiety usually comes along with other symptoms such as sleeplessness, restlessness, depression, and feelings of powerlessness.

Women are also hit hard by the anxiety, as Trump seems to validate men’s worst behaviors in a way that has become a nightmare. One therapist even thought that Trump reminded some women of their “worst ex-boyfriends,” and could be a trigger.

So next time you feel yourself getting light-headed over the latest headlines, remember you are not alone.

Photo by Ben White on Unsplash


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