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It takes a lot for model Stella Maxwell to keep in tip-top shape — and that includes getting her mind in order. And now Maxwell is dishing on her favorite wellness secrets.

If you want to be at peak fitness, that means maintaining your mind, body, and soul. So let’s start with the mind.

Maxwell said,

“It’s important to feed your mind as well as your body. If one day you don’t feel like going to the gym, it’s not the end of the world if you go have a coffee with your friend. It’s a different kind of wellness.”

She added,

“Having a lot of friends and family around you — that’s all a part of wellness.”

Now on to the body. Being the L.A. darling that she is, Maxwell is always down for some yoga. Not to mention that she also has a trainer to get her sweat on. But just as important as exercise? Sleep.

“I sleep a lot. I make sure I get enough sleep. I try to get as much as I can. If I have some time on a plane or after work, I’ll knuckle down and read a book or watch a movie and that helps me unwind to go to sleep.”

Now that’s some wellness advice we can get behind.

Being a model, taking care of her body also means taking care of her face, aka the money maker.

“I try to go for regular facials because it’s important to cleanse your skin and have a professional look at it. Getting a lot of vitamin D and being outside in the sun is good, as is eating a well-balanced diet.”

She also advises wearing less makeup in the summer since you’ll sweat more.

On to soul. The most important aspect of wellness, according to Stella, is happiness.

“When you’re happy, you’re feeling good in your mind and body. That ties into being healthy, eating well, and exercising regularly. It also ties into being excited about things — like getting up in the morning and having a healthy breakfast.”

Well, Stella certainly seems happy these days. Not only is her career on the rise (she just walked for Moschino), but she’s also in a power couple with Kristen Stewart. The two have reportedly gotten very serious and moved in together.

To obtain key wellness like Stella, make sure you follow her three top tips: eye drops daily, scrambled eggs and avocado for breakfast, and coconut oil for you face.

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