10 Classic Valentine's Day Gifts That Never Go Out of Style

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credit: Yan Krukov

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Are you shopping for Valentine’s Day? If so then, you might need a few ideas. Here are some of the best options that we recommend you consider exploring.

1. Lingerie

valentines day gift ideas
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First, you may want to consider buying your partner some lingerie. Or, buying yourself lingerie and surprising your partner by wearing it for them in the evening. Lingerie is available in all shapes and sizes. So, it’s just about finding something that they are going to be comfortable and happy wearing. You can think about the style as well as the color to ensure that you make the right choice here. If you are not sure which ones to get, speak to your partner about it to see if they can give you some ideas and inspiration. You may be nervous about buying undies and lingerie for your other half, but we say just go for it.

2. Flowers

valentines day gifts ideas
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Flowers are commonly given as a symbol of love and affection, this is what makes them such a great Valentine’s day gift. If your lady isn’t keen on receiving flowers as they don’t have a very long shelf life then you could also give them a plant. These will live longer and keep their home looking and smelling gorgeous. You may find that flowers around Valentine’s day are slightly more expensive than at any other time of the year. However, the bouquets are also outstanding and beautiful. Florists work hard so you can show off their shopping power to the love of your life. If you are buying your other half flowers but they don’t have a vase then how about you get one of these as well. You can get some beautiful vases, even personalized ones.

3. Jewelry

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If the lady in your life adores jewelry then why not get her a statement piece to add to her collection? She will never forget the jewelry you buy her and even better if you pair it with a gorgeous jewelry box for her to keep them in. If you have never purchased jewelry before then find out the type she wears. A lot of women can be funny with the jewelry they like, for instance, some don’t wear gold but adore silver. If you want to get something completely different then take a look at a beads bracelet. These can be added every so often, maybe on special occasions.

4. A New Plush

classic valentines day gifts
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Your partner might love plush toys. Lots of people do. They are soft, huggable, and can have plenty of meaning. Plush toys are another element that you can effectively customize to ensure that they fit well with what your partner loves. For instance, you could think about creating a plush that has a personal message from you. This can be anything that you want. Toys like this are available from shops like Build A Bear. These can even be designed with a special smell, fragrance, or note.

5. An Experience

valentines day gift ideas
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If your partner is a bit of an adrenaline junkie then how about you invest in an experience day for them? This could be absolutely anything from cooking with a top chef to racing around in sports cars. You can find lots of different activities depending on the personal preferences of your partner. For instance, you could plan for them to enjoy a hot air balloon ride. This is considered to be so relaxing that it is believed to add one year onto your life, each time you go up in the air.

6. An Evening Out

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Another option would be to plan an evening out. Planning an evening out is a great choice because it shows that you care and are willing to put in the time and effort. You can choose lots of different options for an evening out. For instance, you might want to head to a restaurant. Or, you could think about going somewhere like blowing. You can, of course, be more adventurous than this and choose something like rock climbing too. It all depends on what you think you and your partner would enjoy together.

7. A Love Box

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You might also want to consider an option such as Love Box. Love Box came out a few years ago but it’s still incredibly popular on places like social media. Love Box is a device that connects to your smart devices such as your phone. This means that you can send little messages directly to the box that your partner has. When you do this, the heart on the box spins letting them know that they have received a new message for you. This makes it a tad more personal and exciting compared to the typical text.

8. Long Distance Bracelets

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If you and your other half live apart and you are dealing with a long-distance relationship then you may want to get something meaningful. You can get long-distance bracelets that allow you to feel the touch of the other person even when you are miles apart. They can be a bit hit-and-miss if they work but the reviews are growing and people love them. They are a sentimental touch that shows you care and miss your other half when they are not around. Make sure you do your research if this is something you want to get your other half.

9. A Great Pair of Shoes

valentines day gift ideas
credit: Bella Zhong

Finally, if the love of your life likes their footwear then what better to get them than a gorgeous pair of shoes? They may have been hinting for ages that they want some comfy or warm footwear. If you are good at taking hints and listening to your other half then it is time to start shopping. They may really want a pair of Ugg boots to add to their collection. These can be pricey but they are well worth it, as are other expensive shoes and boots. It is essential you listen to your partner when they are talking about the type of shoes they like, you don’t want to get the wrong pair or even the wrong size!

10. A Framed Photo

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How about providing them with the gift of a beautiful memory? You probably have lots of wonderful pictures with your partner. However, it’s likely that many of these are hidden or locked on your mobile phone. This means that they don’t get nearly as much attention as they might deserve. To show you care, you could consider framing a photo like this. Or, you might even want to consider getting it put on a large print that can be displayed on the wall. It all depends on the service that you are using. You can even get a larger display frame that will allow you to put together a collage of memories in one beautiful display.