10 Inspirational Resources for Women

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Following the pandemic, many of us struggle to see the silver lining. Especially as the cost of living increases worldwide, it’s no surprise that we’re all hunting for some inspiration to keep us going.

While the internet has thousands of results, many seem to regurgitate the same generalized worn-out messages that demand we all “Hustle Harder” and “Be A Girl Boss.” These tired ideas only motivate us to overwork and burn out trying to achieve results without real solutions.

After hours of searching, we were left dejected instead of inspired. So we made it our mission to hunt out the best sources of inspiration in the abyss of motivational content and save you the pain we went through. Here are our top ten favorite inspirational resources designed for women who are tired of the Girl Boss narrative and simply want some real-world motivation:

1. Finding Brave

Kathy Caprino’s podcast and website, Finding Brave, is the perfect place to start if you’re craving a dose of instant courage. She aims to inspire listeners to follow their passions and dreams in life and work.

Kathy often invites expert guests to help guide and motivate her listeners. Filled with strategies and tips, guests help quell listeners’ anxieties and provide valuable solutions that inspire listeners to take courageous steps towards seeking out more rewarding, viable, and virtuous careers, life goals, and relationships.

In response to what Finding Brave means and aims to do, Kathy writes on her site:

“To me, Finding Brave takes it one step further. #FINDINGBRAVE: Recognizing — and courageously leveraging — what you’re made of as a human and spiritual being, and mustering the commitment, passion and courage to draw on all that you are to create the life you dream of, through the fear and the pain.”

The mindblowing interviews and conversations promise listeners a new and exciting outlook on business and life. Fair warning, if you subscribe to “Finding Brave,” be prepared to start speaking up, pushing for change, and demanding what you’re worth despite any fear, insecurity, or imposter syndrome you may be struggling with right now.

2. Work It Daily

Still in the realm of career advice, another inspirational resource worth looking into is Work It Daily. The Youtube channel and website created by career expert J.T. O’Donnell provides a comprehensive career guide complete with playlists such as “Well This Happened” and “Career Change.”

The easy-to-navigate channel has something for everyone, so pick a playlist that addresses your needs and indulges in content that feels like it’s curated specifically for your concerns.

This is the ultimate answer to any frustrated employee trying to break the cycle and reach their goals. Best of all, it’s free and easy to enjoy on the go.

3. Ellevate


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Back to inspiring resources for career-focused women, we should all be part of the Ellevate community.

This powerful and supportive group of ambitious women proves that if we work together, we will be stronger. Regardless of your goals or background, there will be a group within the Elevate community that relates to you.

The community aims to help and inspire each other to create a more favorable business culture and break glass ceilings. Ellevate is quickly becoming the perfect place to build your network as it is one of the largest communities of women in business.

The days of being forced into a sea of new faces at conventions are gone. Instead, the Ellevate platform is designed to connect like-minded individuals so that your network can be built on authentic connections that impact your life and improve your future.

4. BlogHer


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Next on the list of sites worth looking at when you’re on the hunt for inspirational resources designed for women is SHE media’s flagship site called BlogHer.

The events and content platform aims to provide women with economic empowerment. Over the years, the initiative moved from in-person events to virtual opportunities, making it more accessible internationally.

BlogHer also offers an extensive library of inspiring and educational content for small businesses and aspiring entrepreneurs. With more than ten million female business owners as part of their community, SHE Media also offers initiatives to help fund independent content creators and help them build their businesses.

The site’s annual star-studded event also offers a chance to rub shoulders with advocates and entrepreneurs willing to share their expertise, making it a brilliant resource to have in your arsenal.

5. Corporette


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Let’s be honest, after all the lockdowns and work-from-home days we had during the pandemic, many of us feel out of our depth now that we have to wear more than our comfiest sweatpants every day.

But that’s exactly why Corporette is on this list. The blog offers fashion and lifestyle inspiration for those who need to return to the office and look professional and fashionable.

From May 2008, Kat Griffin, a former Wall Street litigator, made it her mission to share her best working fashion tips, tricks, and outfit ideas. Although the site was initially anonymous, in April 2010, Corporette became her full-time project, and with good reason: Kat has a knack for crafting impeccable corporate outfits.

6. Bizzie Mommy

Mummies, don’t think we’ve forgotten about you. From one busy mom to the next, Stephanie Elie’s blog has everything you need to keep you going and remind you you’re not alone.

The mom-of-2 takes you with her as she juggles multiple businesses and family life. Her reviews of various products will help you find efficient items that make your days more enjoyable.

Stephanie is on a mission to inspire you to stay healthy, energetic, and organized with her ideas on how to keep kids entertained so you can have a moment to yourself. Whether it’s to squeeze in a workout or just finding gadgets that help you get household tasks done faster, she has something for everyone. This is one blog you’ll love having access to on days when nothing seems to be going right.

7. AmoDays


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We all need some inspirational downtime that doesn’t involve thinking about our careers. Mindlessly scrolling social media won’t give you much inspiration.

However, a site that may be precisely what you need to end a long day on an inspiring yet relaxing note is AmoDays. This multimedia platform shares motivational stories that renew readers’ faith in humanity.

The site’s team of professional writers curate and retell heartwarming stories to inspire more people to believe in kindness and good. They aim to make the “world a little better, day by day.”

In our opinion, this makes “Amodays” the perfect site to browse whenever you’re having a tough day and need to be reminded to stay positive.

8. Cup of Jo


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In January 2007, Joana Goddard started the multimedia project Cup of Jo. The site is another excellent non-work-related site worthy of your time. She offers daily lifestyle content covering everything from parenting to food, culture, travel, and even style.

Cup of Jo has gained industry-wide recognition for its engaging commentary left by readers and even invites people to “come for the blog, stay for the comments.”

Supporting the site also helps Cup of Jo support worthy causes like RAICES, NAACP, NARAL, Greenpeace, Save the Children, Planned Parenthood, the Lilith Fund, and The Florence Project.

9. Common Sense With Money

Are you struggling to budget around all the price increases? Turn to accountant and mom Mercedes Levy and her site Common Sense With Money for inspiration and guidance.

Overflowing with budgeting, saving, and bargain hunting advice, Mercedes’ blog aims to help people live fulfilling lives without breaking the bank.

Her frugal living tips and clever shopping techniques will make you feel far less worried about making ends meet every month and help you develop your own Common Sense With Money.

10. The NieNie Dialogues

Now that we’ve covered general money, business, and even easy reading inspirational resources, let’s dive into one that is more personally inclined.

Join Stephanie Nielson, who sustained burns across 83% of her body in a plane crash, on her journey to recovery and raising her family of five in The NieNie Dialogues.

Her go-getter attitude and tenacity will have you eager to approach life with the same willpower and mindset that helps her push through the impossible to enjoy every day.

That wraps up our top ten favorite inspirational resources designed for women. We hope you find something in here that makes life a little easier and inspires you to do more with what you have.

Maria Migo
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