10 Unique Gift Ideas Perfect For Surprising Your Husband on His Birthday

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credit: Suzy Hazelwood

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If you’re sick of giving the same old gifts for special occasions and want to try something new, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve compiled a list of unique and unusual gift ideas that are sure to surprise and delight your husband in this post. These gifts, ranging from quirky gadgets to bizarre experiences, are not your typical presents, but they are ideal for the guy who likes to think outside the box. So, prepare to be amazed by some truly bizarre and wonderful gift ideas that will make your husband’s special day unforgettable!

1. Beef Tenderizer

beef cooking
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While many believe this is a fictitious tool, however, it is very real. A meat tenderizer is a nice gift for your husband if he is someone that likes cooking. This weird-looking tool will have him going to the kitchen to prepare more meals.

2. Bottle Opener

bottle opener
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With a husband who drinks, there is no favorite accessory like a hammer-shaped bottle opener. This is a nice gift that your husband will have close to him all year long. The opener comes in two sets, so he can always carry one around with him and keep the second one in the kitchen.

3. Penis Plug

sex toys for men
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If your husband is into urethral play or has expressed an interest in exploring this kink, a metal penis plug could be an exciting and luxurious gift to surprise him with. Made of body-safe materials such as stainless steel, metal plugs come in a range of sizes and designs. Before use, ensure the plug is properly sterilized and cleaned. Always prioritize safety and communication to make sure you and your partner have a pleasurable experience.

4. Happy Birthday Toilet Paper

birthday toilet paper
credit: Alexas Fotos

You can surprise your man on his birthday by getting him birthday toilet paper. This will get him laughing as he will never expect you will get him something like that.

5. Fun Mug

mug gift ideas
credit: John Matychuk

You could also buy your husband a big personalized mug as a gift. Ensure that the mug is from a reputable store and will last a while. There are some sets of mugs that are available at cheap rates online.

6. Photo Album

photo album gift ideas
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Another interesting gift to purchase for your man is a photo album. This is an ideal gift where he can save all his memories from childhood. There are great photo albums to get which will serve his interests.

7. PlayStation Game Controller

playstation controller gifts for men
credit: Florian Gagnepain

When your husband is a fun-loving game lover, then buying him a new gamepad will be a nice idea. His reaction to this gift will be weird because it isn’t something you get from your wife regularly. He will invite his friends for some games and boast about how his lovely wife bought it for him.

8. Beer Holster

gift ideas for men
credit: Taylor Friehl

This is an innovative gift for those who drink regularly. A beer holster will be his partner and will serve as the grills and move around the house. This holster can accommodate both bottles and can be drunk easily without it tipping.

9. Specialized Briefs

gift ideas for men
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If you want to appreciate your partner, then getting him some personal boxers can be a good thing. This is a naughty gift and you will engrave your name on the briefs for everyone to see.

10. Men’s Hand Cream

gift ideas for men hand cream
credit: created stories

Some men don’t like using fruity creams or moisturizers because of their scent. So if your man is in that category, get him this cream which will smell nice. This cream has some nice scents which won’t offend his nostrils.


Your husband needs to be appreciated for all he has done for you, that’s why getting him that weird gift is important. The gifts mentioned above are a rant to your regular gifts, they are something to show you can think outside the box while appreciating your husband.