At Least 11 Black People Killed in the Last Week of Protests

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Black people are literally on their knees begging police to stop killing them and yet, in the last few days, at least 11 black folks have been shot and killed — some of whom by the police themselves.

Below we honor the black men and women who have been killed since the beginning of the George Floyd protests.

David McAtee

david mcatee

53-year-old David McAtee, known as YaYa, was a beloved BBQ restaurant owner who often gave away free meals to police officers who stopped by. On June 1, McAtee was fatally shot in Louisville, Kentucky by the police. Local surveillance video shows officers first firing pepper balls before switching to bullets. Allegedly, McAtee fired back at the police and was then killed in an exchange of gunfire. There is, conveniently, no bodycam footage of the murder.

Chris Beaty

chris beaty

38-year-old Chris Beaty was a former Indiana University football player who was fondly known as “Mr. Indianapolis.” Chris’ body was one of two bodies discovered on May 30 in the state capital. It’s unknown at this time who killed him.

Italia Kelly

italia kelly

22-year-old Italia Kelly was fatally shot in Davenport, Iowa in the early hours of June 1. Italia was leaving a protest when she was killed. The police have no suspects.

Calvin L. Horton, Jr.

calvin horton

43-year-old Calvin L. Horton Jr. is believed to be the first person to have been killed since the protests began. He was shot on May 27 in Minneapolis, Minnesota by a white pawn shop owner, who has since been taken into custody.

James Scurlock

james scurlock

22-year-old James Scurlock was shot by a white bar owner (and alleged white supremacist) following a scuffle involving numerous people in Omaha, Nebraska on May 30. The bar owner has claimed self-defense and has not been charged. However, the Douglas County Attorney plans to petition the court to get a grand jury and a special prosecutor to review the case.

Javar Harrell

javar hurrell

21-year-old Javar Harrell was shot to death on May 29. Javar was sitting in his car when the assailant approached and fired shots. No more information is known at this time.

Dorian Murrell

dorian murrell

18-year-old Dorian Murrell was shot and killed on May 31 in Indianapolis, Indiana by a white man he had a physical altercation with. The killer has since turned himself in to the police.

Tony McDade

tony mcdade

38-year-old Tony McDade, a trans man, was killed by the police in Tallahassee, Florida on May 27. The details surrounding the situation are still unclear but the police claim that they were responding to a stabbing when they came across Tony, who supposedly matched their description. Tony allegedly pointed a gun at the police, at which point, the officer shot and killed him. Many believe Tony was actually unarmed.

Marrero Desto


35-year-old Marrero Desto was a local rapper who was killed by the police in New Orleans, Louisiana on June 3. Officers allege that Marrero pointed a gun at them, however, new evidence suggests it may have just been a cellphone.

Dave Patrick Underwood

dave patrick

53-year-old Dave Patrick Underwood was a federal officer who was providing security at the U.S. courthouse in Oakland, California when he was fatally shot in a drive-by on May 30.

David Dorn

david dorn

77-year-old David Dorn was a retired police captain who was found dead in St. Louis, Missouri on June 2. When a local pawn shop was ransacked, Dorn showed up to help out (he was reportedly friends with the shop’s owner) and was soon killed.


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