11 Fun Themes For Costume Parties

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Adult costume parties and dinners are great ways to add some zest to your social gatherings.
This doesn’t mean you have to go into debt; you only need a few inexpensive accessories and some simple costume ideas to pull off a terrific appearance.

Below, you’ll find many exciting adult fun themes for a dress-up party.

1. The Galaxy’s Greatest Star Wars Celebration

star wars costume party ideas

No one would turn down the chance to pretend to be their preferred Star Wars character for a day.

Darth Vader, Boba Fett, Princess Leia, and Luke Skywalker are just some options available to you.

You may dress up like your unique personality by wearing appropriate attire, such as wigs, helmets, and other headwear.

2. Grease Party for the 1950s

costume party ideas for adults

Sock hops and greasers, soda fountains, drive-ins, and diners—all staples of the 1950s culture.

Rolled jeans, bobby socks, more elaborate poodle skirts, and saddle shoes are all appropriate attire for a 1950s-themed party.

Men can use some hair gel and slick their hair back, while women may wear high ponytails or puff their hair out.

3. Disco Divas & Dudes Party

adult costume party ideas

The disco era of the 1970s provides the perfect opportunity to unleash your inner disco diva.

Everybody at the disco wore polyester hot pants, jumpsuits, bell bottoms, and everything else they could get their hands on. So toss in some low-cut tops and glittery fabrics to get the party started.

4. Silly Circus Party

adult costume party ideas

A party where everyone dresses up like they’re going to a circus can’t be beaten. As a costume, you may dress as the ringleader, a trapeze performer, a clown, a juggler, a jester, or even a member of the circus’s animal troupe.

Fill the room with bright balloons and create a “tent” out of strategically hung red and white streamers to host your circus.

5. Hawaiian Luau Theme

theme party ideas

Fun and delicious tropical fare! Put on a grass skirt or a blouse with a Hawaiian motif and some shorts.

Wearing flip-flops or other open-toed sandals is the norm. Leis are a guaranteed hit, and tiki torches illuminate the night perfectly.

Flowers, palm fronds, coconuts, and pineapples are minimal decor.

6. Kinky Adults-Only Theme

theme party ideas

An extension to the popular “pimps and hoes” theme — an adult-only kinky theme lets participants have a broader range of options. Come as a seductress, a dominatrix, or even wear a pup mask to this party for what will likely be one of the most memorable nights you have.

7. The Nautical Theme

costume party themes ideas

The party is for adults, so the navy and white nautical motif is ideal. In addition, items from boats, such as life rings, ropes, anchors, and wheels, may be used decoratively.

Sailor, deckhand, or captain costumes are all fair game. Wearing blue and white and some deck shoes will do the trick for a quick and easy maritime look.

8. Country Music Party

costume party themes

Go as your favorite country music artist or create a costume inspired by country tunes.

All you need for this adult party theme is hats, bandanas, cowboy boots, denim trousers and skirts, plaid shirts, and some country music.

9. The Summer Camp Party

theme party ideas

The simple summer camp costume materials are probably already in your closet. Khaki shorts or slacks, t-shirts, a brimmed hat, and hiking boots or shoes are also good choices.

Fishing rods, sunscreen, mosquito netting, canoe paddles, and even a fake fire pit may all serve as party décor.

Enjoying a classic like S’mores as an adult is a great way to reminisce and have fun.

10. Zombies Bash

adult theme party ideas

Zombified brides and monsters on the move are just two examples of the wide variety of zombie costumes available.

Black balloons, gauze, grave markers, and chains may all be used as decorations.

You may use a wide variety of zombie party items to create a gruesome and terrifying atmosphere.

11. The Wild West Party

adult costume party ideas

Enjoy a throwback to the days of the Old West with this theme! You may be the gunman, a bar girl, or a local sheriff.
A sheriff’s badge, cowboy hat, bandana, boots, holster, a lasso, or a beautiful feather boa are all great additions to a western-themed costume.

Serving refreshments from a chuckwagon is a great way to step up any event.