The 11 Best Shows on Netflix And Hulu You Haven't Watched Yet

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When Supermarket Sweeps starts trending on Netflix, you know America is getting desperate.

We’re currently living in the golden age of television and yet there somehow never seems to be anything to watch. It’s amazing how we can have endless content at our fingertips and yet struggle to access it.

Part of the problem is that when you search for “best TV shows of 2020,” every critic’s list seems to be exactly the same. We get it. You love Devs and Better Things.

The other problem is how shockingly difficult it is to find new content on Netflix and Hulu (but particularly Netflix). For whatever reason, their algorithm seems to suggest the same content again and again (no, I don’t want to watch The Ranch, but thanks for asking again).

We’ve all experienced what it feels like to search the endless catalog on Netflix for hours only to come up short. I usually just end up rewatching New Girl for the billionth time (I’m pretty sure I know every word to the episode “Menzies” at this point).

So, if you’ve hit that point, don’t worry. I’ve got you covered. Below I’ve compiled a list of totally underrated shows. Some you might have heard of but perhaps overlooked. Others might have never come across your radar at all. Hopefully, this will help you find something to watch.

1. I’m Sorry

I’ll start you off with I’m Sorry, a comedy from the hilarious Andrea Savage. A warning: the jokes can get a bit vulgar at times so if you don’t like jokes about vaginas, you might want to skip this one.

I’m Sorry focuses on Andrea, a comedy writer and mom, who is constantly putting her foot in her mouth and having to deal with incredibly awkward situations with her four-year-old daughter. Perhaps the best example is when Andrea and her daughter get in a rather heated debate over whether her husband/her daughter’s father has hair on his genitals.

I’m Sorry originally airs on truTV, but you can catch the first two seasons on Netflix.

2. Styling Hollywood

Styling Hollywood follows celebrity stylist Jason Bolden, who mostly dresses black female celebs like Taraji P. Henson and Yara Shahidi, as he tries to navigate the crazy behind-the-scenes work of awards season. It also covers his relationship with his husband Adair, an interior designer who’s worked with celebs such as Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade. A black gay power couple? Um, yes, please!

You can catch Styling Hollywood on Netflix.

3. La Mante

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Ok, we’re going international for this one. La Mante is a French mini-series for all you crime/mystery addicts out there. It follows a detective who must work with his estranged, imprisoned, serial killer mother to help find a copycat killer.

The acting is incredible and the pacing is perfect.

La Mante is available on Netflix.

4. Hilda

Ok, so *technically* Hilda is a children’s show rated TV-Y7. But it’s seriously the perfect escape for when you need to forget that the last four years happened.

Hilda follows a creative, confident little girl who lives in a remote, magical forest. But, shortly into the season, her mother decides to move them into the city. It’s a hard adjustment as Hilda must learn to navigate her new life.

There’s something so incredibly sweet and innocent about Hilda. And the animation is beautiful in its simplicity. So, whether you feel like accessing your inner child, or you have an *actual* child that gives you an excuse to watch kids shows, I would definitely turn to Hilda.

Hilda is available on Netflix.

5. Sisters

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Perhaps one of the strangest shows on this list is Sisters. The Australian series follows Julia, who discovers that her fertility-expert father actually used his own sperm to impregnate his patients over the years. Yeah. Talk about unethical.

Julia attempts to discover her new “family” as well as deal with this bombshell of news that her dad left her with on his deathbed.

The U.S tried to recreate this show to no avail so the premise might sound familiar. But I definitely recommend the Australian version, no question.

You can watch Sisters on Netflix.

6. Girls Incarcerated

best docuseries on netflix

Girls Incarcerated is actually one of the shows on this list that you might have heard about since Netflix did a decent job promoting it back in the day.

The series follows real girls as they try to get their lives back on track while in juvie. I can’t speak to how realistic it is but I will say that they do a really great job of making sure the girls are presented as full, well-rounded people rather than just troubled teens.

Girls Incarcerated is on Netflix.

7. Claws

If you somehow haven’t watched Claws yet, now is the time to do it. Niecy Nash plays an ambitious nail salon owner who has big plans for her and her friends. But first, she must get out from under the thumb of her boyfriend, who makes her launder drug money.

Niecy is truly incredible but the whole cast is great. I would definitely make this one a priority.

Claws originally airs on TNT but you can catch up on Hulu.

8. The Let Down

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If you thought Workin’ Moms was full of privileged white women (it is) then you’ll definitely want to watch The Let Down instead.

Another Australian series, the show follows the struggles of first-time mom Audrey who feels completely unprepared to be a mother. She decides to join a mothering group, which only makes her feel even less prepared than before. The Let Down does a great job of interweaving funny moments while still capturing the realities of motherhood.

The Let Down comes to us via Netflix.

9. Feel Good

I debated putting this one on the list because it actually got a decent push from Netflix but I figured I would include it on the off chance that you missed it.

Feel Good follows comedian Mae as she enters into a romantic relationship with a woman, George, who’s never dated a girl before. The show tackles the ups and downs of the relationship as George pulls away and Mae gets increasingly clingy.

Feel Good is available on Netflix.

10. Kim’s Convenience

Somehow Americans discovered Schitt’s Creek but not Kim’s Convenience? So wrong!

The series follows a Korean-Canadian family and their convenience store (duh). The characters are totally endearing and it’s a light, sweet show that’s perfect for when you’re busy multitasking.

Kim’s Convenience is available on Netflix.

11. Everything’s Gonna Be Okay

Last on the list is Everything’s Gonna Be Okay. The show originally airs on Freeform but don’t let that fool you — it’s so much more than a teen show.

Everything’s Gonna Be Okay follows Australian-native Nicholas as he moves to America to care for his half-siblings after their father abruptly dies of cancer.

I realize the premise sounds totally depressing, but the show is actually super funny and endearing and does a great job of tackling a variety of issues. Nicholas is queer AF and a total gender-bender when he wants to be. His two sisters are Matilda, a high school senior on the spectrum who’s horny and ready to experiment, and Genevieve, a total pessimist who’s dealing with puberty.

You can catch up on Everything’s Gonna Be Okay on Hulu.


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