Netflix’s hit show 13 Reasons Why has temporarily shut down production.

The series films in northern California and the wildfires ravaging the area has forced filming to come to a halt.

As of right now, filming is set to resume on Sunday. But of course, the unpredictability and the level of danger associated with wildfires could change this date.

Deadline reports that many cast and crew members have flown home, as several reside in the area impacted by this natural disaster.

The widespread devastation of these wildfires comes from the Santa Ana winds and dry conditions of the area. Seventeen people have died, and hundreds more are missing as entire neighborhoods are swallowed by the terrifying and massive flames.

We hope that everyone impacted in the area remains safe, or is able to evacuate if need be. We will post updates with ways to help victims as this information becomes available. Here is a link to check if you live in the impacted area.

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