Netflix 'Elite': Definitive Proof That Lucrecia is the Baddest Bitch of Hair Accessories

lucrecia elite style
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If Blair Waldorf was the queen of headbands in the early 2000s, then she’s officially been dethroned by Lucrecia Montesinos Hendrich of Elite.

Lucrecia has the ability to rock the daintiest of pearl headbands and still be completely intimidating to her rivals. She’s the baddest babe at Las Encinas and her headbands and barrettes only add to her fierceness.

So to honor Lu, we’ve rounded up every time she’s given us #hairgoals and beyond.

1. ‘Damn’ Bobby Pin

lucrecia elite outfits

Kicking things off with the perhaps her best bobby pin of season 3: her silver rhinestone DAMN clip. Lucky for you, we found the exact hairpin by Kitsch X Justine.

2. Black Beaded Headband

lucrecia lu elite headbands

Season 3 was all about the padded headband and we were all about this black beaded one that Lu rocked in season 3. We found an exact match in this one from Baublebar.

3. Medusa Coin Hair Clip

lucrecia elite headbands

We were totally digging Lu’s Medusa-Coin barrette from season 3. And the best part? She rocked a matching ring as well! We’ve got exact matches for both the hair clip and the ring.

4. Pink Beaded Headband

lu elite headbands

Another day, another beaded headband! Another gem from season 3, this pink beaded headband is shockingly one of the most affordable accessories Lu rocked this season and we found an exact match by Tasha. Oh, and did we mention that it’s only $38?

5. Oversized Pearl Headband

netflix elite lu hairstyles

From season 2, this padded pearl headband was *everything.* We found an exact match in this headband by Jennifer Behr.

6. Pearl Bobby Pins

netflix elite lucrecia hair pins

In season 2, Lucrecia wore these dainty pearl hairpins. We found this adorable set of 5 hairpins to keep you ready to go for any occasion as well as a few other pearl hair clip sets for your consideration.

7. Star Hair Clips

elite netflix lu hair accessories

Back to season 3 and we’ve got this super cute silver rhinestone hairpin. We found an exact match with this hair clip by Soho. And the best part is that it actually comes in a pack of two! Unfortunately, the hair clip is currently sold out (fingers crossed they restock soon!) so in the meantime, check out another option below.

8. Rose Metal Headband

elite netflix lucrecia hair

Lucrecia rocked this adorable gold rose headband back in season 2, but lucky for you, it’s still available from Rosantica.

9. Pearl Padded Headband

elite netflix lucrecia danna paola

We have another padded headband for you! But this time, it’s covered in pearls! The exact headband is out of stock, but we found a cute alternative that’s way cheaper from ASOS (um can you say $10?)!

10. Single-Stranded Pearl Headband

elite netflix lucrecia danna paola hair

We’re going all the way back to season 1 for this look! Lucrecia rocked a simple pearl headband throughout the season (and then once again in season 3) and we found a few identical versions for you to choose from. Our favorite is this one by Lele Sadoughi.

11. ‘Girls’ Bobby Pin

elite netflix lucrecia hair

Lucrecia wore this bobby pin in season 2 when she and Guzmán went on a double-date with Ander and Omar. We found an identical rhinestone hairpin from H&M and another, little edgier one by Steve Madden.

12. Crystal Padded Headband

elite netflix hair lucrecia

Ah, the very last hair accessory Lucrecia would ever wear on Elite! Lu wore this headband to the airport when she and Nadia left for university. *Cue tears*

13. Gold Floral Headband

elite netflix lucrecia hairstyles

What, you don’t wear a gold headpiece to the club? Lu wore this back in season 2 and while we couldn’t find the exact one she wore, we think we found a few you’ll like just as much.

14. ‘Love’ Hair Clip

netflix elite lucrecia hairstyles

We’ve got one more word bobby pin for you! Lucrecia wore this gold rhinestone LOVE and we knew we had to have it! The original hairpin is no longer available but we found a near-identical hairpin by Lelet NY that we think you’ll like just as much.


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