‘The Mindy Project’ Actor Ike Barinholtz Won’t Let a Broken Neck Stop Him

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source: Instagram

Ike Barinholtz, who plays Morgan Tookers on Hulu’s The Mindy Project, suffered a terrifying injury 5 weeks ago.

While working on an upcoming movie called The Pact, the actor fell from a high platform while performing some sort of stunt, and broke his neck in two places. I mean that is truly one of my greatest fears come to life.

Luckily, Barinholtz is okay and just has to follow doctor’s orders. He jokes,

“I have to wear an incredibly stylish neck brace for a while as the bone heals. It’s a cool look, especially in the summer.”

Ike explains that they will actually weave his injury into the next (and last ?) season of The Mindy Project. He said,

“After the accident, I talked to Mindy and we agreed that the only option was writing it into the show. Luckily, on The Mindy Project I play a character who could break his neck falling out of his bunk bed and it’s completely believable.”

I mean, true.

Barinholtz even had the opportunity to direct an episode in the upcoming season, but joked that it was hard to be taken seriously with the neck brace on. But he also states that in reality, his friends and family have been nothing but helpful and supportive. He explained,

“Sometimes it takes getting hurt to realize how lucky you are to have great people in your life. My family has been taking amazing care of me, and Mindy and all the folks at the show have been so kind.”

Wishing him a speedy recovery, and looking forward to seeing how it plays out in the show!

Allie Bush
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