This Body Positive Coloring Book is Our Everything

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This is so cool! The latest in body positivity is the new body positive coloring book Body Love: A Fat Activism Colouring Book from artist Allison Tunis. We’ve only seen a few pictures but we’re already obsessed.

The 52-page book features images of body confident activists from yoga guru Jessamyn Stanley to plus-size model Ruby Roxx. Allison says she was inspired by both iconic body confident ladies who have been pillars of the movement.

Speaking with Mashable she explained,

“I started thinking about what I could do to contribute to that movement because it had made such a difference in my life. The fat activism and body positivity movements are so welcoming and so inclusive that I knew if I did this project, I’d have a ready-made audience.”

As a thank you to the activists for allowing her to use their names and likeness, she offered them either 25% of the profits or a donation in their names to the Canadian Mental Health Organization.

“I’m using their names and their images and their reputations to sell this book. They deserve acknowledgment — and that means monetary recognition.”

Allison hopes the book will not only help spread awareness for the body positive movement but will also help women to feel more confident in their selves.

“It forces you to think about the different bodies and what your relationship is with them. It forces you to work out your own issues with bodies. It’s not only a soothing and relaxing meditation through the act of coloring but also a meditation on self.”

Body Love: A Fat Activism Colouring Book is currently available on Amazon as a paperback.

Lena Finkel
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