mental illness study
source: Instagram

Yep, you read that right.

A new study conducted in New Zealand uncovered some surprising, or perhaps not so surprising, results, Refinery29 reports. The researchers of the study found that a majority of participants developed a mental illness over the course of their research…upwards of 80% of people involved. In other words, not having a mental illness put you in the minority.

This was no simple study either. The researchers followed the development of citizens of one New Zealand town from birth to middle age.

Said researcher Aaron Reuben,

“Put another way, our study shows that you are more likely to experience a bout of mental illness than you are to develop diabetes, heart disease or any kind of cancer whatsoever—combined.”


Mental health is slowly but surely making its way into very public conversations, with people from the likes of Lady Gaga to Prince William and Harry inspiring conversations across the world.

Whether this result of the study is surprising to you or not, hopefully it will help continue to erase the stigma of mental health issues. Although there is sadly still a stigma in our society, studies like this bring light to the prevalence of mental illness. We hope this study will illustrate to anyone who is suffering that they are not alone, and they deserve to feel well, seek treatment, practice self care, or whatever form of healing is right for them.

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