‘RHONY’ Ramona Singer and Jill Zarin are Apparently Besties Again

In case you missed the memo, Real Housewives of New York stars Ramona Singer and Jill Zarin have apparently buried the hatchet (for now).

Although the two have had a very on-again-off-again friendship, both women have admitted that they are ready to move on in the wake of Jill’s husband Bobby’s cancer diagnosis. Jill recently told People,

“Ramona and I have gotten really close again. We’re in a whole different place now. Boy, I never predicted that. I never thought that was coming, ever.”

Ramona, shockingly, said the same thing.

“Jill and I have had a very tenuous relationship over the years. But as soon as I heard about Bobby, I don’t care what our past is. She and I share a history together. I knew her for about eight years before we did the show. I sent her a text. I said, ‘I only wish the best for you and Bobby.’ I was happy to be there for her. We will always have each other’s backs.”

She reportedly showed up to the hospital and hung out for hours, keeping Jill company. She brought food and had a “woman to woman” chat.  Ramona added,

“We came away from it in a really good, bonding manner. Sometimes, unfortunately, tragedy brings people closer.”

Well, what are ex-friends for?

Now if only we could get Jill and Bethenny reunited, now that would be impressive. Hey, anything is possible.

Jill hasn’t been a regular on RHONY since season 4 but recently made a guest appearance.  Jill was fired from the show after her longstanding beef with Bethenny could not subside. As the story goes, Bravo chose Bethenny over Jill, decidedly giving Bethenny her own spin-off, Bethenny Ever After. Frankel is now back as a regular on RHONY.

Lena Finkel
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