‘Modern Family’ To End After Season 10 (Probably) — Here’s What We Know

modern family ending
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ABC’s long running and extremely successful comedy Modern Family will (somewhat) soon come to an end, says co-creator and producer Steve Levitan.

Before you start crying, fear not! We still have 2 more seasons to look forward to, but the series will more than likely end after season 10. That’s a pretty good run, we’d say!

Levitan and fellow creator Christopher Lloyd spoke with Deadline at ABC’s TCA party. They explained that they never originally envisioned the show going on so long, but now that it’s come this far, they think 10 is a nice round number to end on. And we agree! As much as we love the show, we respect when a successful program knows when to end before it goes on for too long.

The two are still nailing down specifics, but in general, have a concept of how the show will end. Deadline reports that they bounced around several ideas. They’ve considered ending it with a death, or a shocking twist, but probably won’t go in that direction. Doesn’t really seem to match the tone of the show, so we’re glad about that.

Levitan said,

“We haven’t had that exact conversation yet how we want to end the show episode-wise. We’ve talked about areas that we want to go and tonally what we want to do…I think we will end the show the way we started it in the pilot, with a big family event.”

That would be pretty adorable. And full circle, too. Modern Fam fans may recall that the premiere episode included the big family gathering surrounding Lily’s debut.

It’s sad that all good things must come to an end, but we look forward to the upcoming 2 seasons!

Allie Bush
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