Fifth Harmony Stands Up for Themselves, Reporter Promptly Throws Hissy Fit

fifth harmony dan wootton
source: Instagram

You mad, bro? Yesterday Fifth Harmony refused to take any bullshit from a reporter at UK’s The Sun. The reporter (male, obviously) did not take it well.

Ok, so here’s what went down. Fifth Harmony went for a typical interview to talk about their new music, which is dropping in 10 days (!!!). However, reporter Dan Wootton had something else in mind. He tried to incite a cat fight by asking them question after question about their ex-bandmate Camila Cabello.

The girls were super classy and respectful and avoided pointing fingers at Camila. Unhappy with their responses, Wootton kept pressing about Camila and finally, the girls had enough. They told him they weren’t there to be shady and just wanted to talk about their music. He quickly got pissed and protested, even after their PR rep intervened. Unprofessional, much?

As if that weren’t bad enough, he then took to Twitter to call Fifth Harmony “divas” because they didn’t want to throw Camila under the bus.

Um, wtf? First of all, they were extremely polite and answered many questions about Camila before putting an end to the nonsense. Second, it’s been months since Camila left the group and they’ve answered a crap load of questions about Cabello and the situation. It’s time for them to move on! And third, and perhaps most important, you know they never would have been treated this way if they were dudes. Correct me if I’m wrong but I don’t recall One Direction ever accused of being “divas” after Zayn departed the group.

Just because a group of women won’t let you get away with shady interview questions does not mean they are “divas.” It means their strong AF.

Not to mention that all they wanted to do was talk about their new music, which, I mean is totally shocking since they’re musicians!

Guess what Dan Wootton, women aren’t taking crap from reporters or anyone else anymore. Just ask Taylor Swift.

Lena Finkel
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