HBO Still Thinks ‘Confederate’ Is a Good Idea Despite Charlottesville

hbo confederate

After the horrific rally that took place over the weekend in Charlottesville, it should be more evident than ever that nobody should be encouraging or endorsing the Confederacy in any way. Sounds obvious, right? Well, apparently not to HBO.

The network went on the defensive after the neo-Nazi rally and released the following statement,

“We support everybody’s right to express an opinion but the suggestion of irresponsibility on our part is simply undeserved. HBO has a long history of championing intelligent storytelling and we will approach this project with the same level of thoughtfulness that has always defined our programming. We recognize the sensitivity of this project and will treat it with the respect that it deserves. Our creative partners should be given time to develop the series rather than face prejudgment.”

What is wrong with these people?! We thought Trump’s statement on the subject was bad, and this is just as appalling! To think that a group of white men can be truly “thoughtful: and “respectful” on the subject is the definition of ignorance. HBO should be disgusted with themselves.

As many pointed out this weekend, there are two very clear sides and one of them is white supremacy. HBO, you’re on the wrong side.

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Lena Finkel
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