3 Ways to Dress Up Leggings

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If you’re not a fan of uncomfortable clothing, you might want to wear your leggings as much as possible. Leggings are the best clothing item for comfort, and you can wear them for long periods during winter or summer.

But are leggings formal enough for when you go out?

Keep reading as we discuss how you can dress up with full-length girls’ leggings, ensuring you’re always dressed for the occasion — without wearing something that makes you feel uncomfy!

What Are The Different Types Of Leggings?

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To help you understand your options when wearing leggings, let’s discuss the many types of leggings and the vibe each type gives off!

Here are the main types of leggings:

Seamless Leggings: Seamless leggings are ideal for those who wear them for long periods. The seam on leggings can become uncomfortable in the groin area and create an unflattering appearance. With seamless leggings, you can eliminate this discomfort.

Ribbed Leggings: Perfect for any occasion, ribbed leggings are textured with small lines running down the pattern. Ribbed leggings are typically thicker and more robust, which makes them ideal for plus-sized girls.

Printed Leggings: leggings don’t need to be plain. You can buy leggings with prints to suit your personality or style, like tie-dye or brand logo prints.

Polyester Leggings: ideal for sports and active adventures, polyester leggings have sweat-wicking properties to keep you dry and won’t become heavy when wet. Think of polyester leggings as a second skin for when you need stretchy and skin-tight fabric.

Jersey/Cotton Leggings: Jersey and cotton leggings are great for relaxing and can be styled with anything. However, since the fabric will become heavier when wet, you might find these leggings less comfortable for a workout.

Flared Leggings: Do you like to add a touch of flair to your fashion? Flared leggings are very fashion-forward and can elevate your leggings outfit.

Now that you know the different types of leggings let’s discuss the best ways to style leggings when dressing up and which style would be best suited to each look.

How To Style Leggings When Dressing Up

When you’re going out, leggings can be a staple to help keep you feeling comfortable and looking great — but only if you style them right. Here are the best ways to style your favorite leggings when dressing up.

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If you have an athletic polyester pair of leggings, you can style them in a sporty chic way. Simply pair your leggings with a sporty tee or crop jumper. Then put on the most stylish pair of trainers — and presto!

The trick for this outfit is to make sure you spend time on your accessories. Pairing this look with a cap, some french plait braids, and some gold jewelry can help you to look more fashionable and less like you’re off to the gym.

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To create a comfortable look perfect for going out, you can wear your favorite leggings with an oversized wool jumper. You can choose a wool poncho for this look, too. Since the jumper is oversized, leggings work perfectly to neaten the look and add proportion.

Opting for neutral tones for this look can add sophistication and create a more expensive feel to the outfit. Ribbed leggings and cotton or jersey leggings look great in this style.

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If you’re looking for a preppy and smart look, you can style your leggings with a shirt or polo. If you opt for a shirt, you can go for an oversized style to create a more flowing and comfortable look, or you can go for a tighter fit.

If you’re looking for the preppy style, you can pair your shirt or polo with flared leggings or printed leggings to keep things interesting!


Finding the right items to pair with your leggings and dress them up can take time and effort. However, following the styling tips in this article, you can find a way to dress up your leggings in line with your style and preferences. Who said leggings were casual? You can style them for any occasion!