3 Ways to Make Healthy Eating Simpler

how to eat healthy

Eating healthy is a lot more difficult when you have a busy life. Healthy food is always going to be more expensive if you eat out and that is provided you can even find a place that serves what you need. Other than that, it can be quite difficult to maintain your routine if you like being social or love traveling. Having said all that, rest assured that there are a few proven and easy methods to make healthy eating much simpler than it might be for you right now.

Consult with a Dietician

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People differ in their body chemistry, medical condition, ongoing prescriptions, fitness level, age, availability, food allergies, and metabolic rate, to name just a few. Consequently, it would be akin to throwing stones in the dark if you don’t have personalized guidance regarding your diet. Consult with a dietician in fixed intervals. They should be able to first create a personalized dietary routine for you, and then make the necessary changes to that routine in accordance with your progress.

Divide Your Meals into Portions in Advance

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Portion control is a tried and tested method to not just lose weight, but it is also quite effective when your goal is to gain a few pounds of muscle. If you are not familiar with the concept of portion control, then consider it the practice of planning, prepping, and portioning each meal of the day in advance. You can download a meal plan template for free to write down the dishes you are going to have for each meal of the day, as well as how much of each ingredient is going to be included in each of those meals.

After jotting it all down, start storing your day’s meal preparations into separate meal-prep boxes, complete with planned portions to avoid eating more or less than your day’s goal of calorie intake. If you are going to be particularly busy on a day, cook all the meals at once to cover your office hours, before separating them into the food containers. The organization and simplicity that meal-prep plans bring to healthy eating is highly practical and effective.

Cook Your Own Meals

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People who are not used to cooking regularly may find this to be particularly inconvenient. This is a misconception created simply out of ignorance because learning how to cook the basic healthy meals can:

• Drastically reduce what you pay per month on buying ready-made food with low food value
• Help you develop an essential survival skill that will help you stay fit and healthy even when you are on the road, camping, or traveling abroad
• Grant you a sense of financial freedom as you will now be able to always eat healthy at a very affordable rate from now on

The cooking will get better with time, but it matters very little when you are still in the learning stages. As long as you have your entire meal pre-portioned, planned, and stored in a container, you will always be able to meet your daily caloric requirements without breaking a sweat. On exceptionally busy days when you don’t have any time to cook at all, rely on fruits to provide you with everything you need.

Get started with a few easy recipes on how to cook lime-grilled fatty fish/chicken, simmered chicken with vegetables, grilled tuna steaks, stir-fried chicken with greens, etc. They are not just full of nutrients and tasty, but the cooking itself is quite straightforward. Once you get a hang of these dishes, it should only take a few minutes for you to cook them up at any time.