Demi Lovato Explains ‘Sorry Not Sorry:’ It’s For All My Haters

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Have you listened to Demi Lovato’s newest jam “Sorry Not Sorry”? If not, go listen to it right now. It’s okay, we forgive you but just do it now.

Okay, are we back?

I think we can all agree it is spunky and fabulous — as if Demi would release anything less.

And in honor of Prime Day yesterday, Demi spoke with Amazon Music to explain her new track.

She explained that the song isn’t about what some people think. She said,

“‘Sorry Not Sorry’ is a song to the haters that is basically saying, ‘You know what? I’m good now. And sorry I’m not sorry that you may not be loving where your life is at the moment.’ A lot of people hear the song and they think it’s about an ex-boyfriend or something like that, but it’s actually just a song about the haters.”

She also added that the music video will basically be one giant party.

“It’s not as intense as you think it is. It’s a lighthearted song, and so the video is going to be lighthearted, too. You don’t want it to seem angsty. You don’t want it to seem angry by any means,” she says. “So, the video is going to be a giant house party. I threw a house party a couple months ago, and it ended up being so random and so much fun, and we want to recreate that for the video.”

Wow okay, how much would you have given to be at that party?

Demi is currently working on her next album, and we cannot wait to hear more. And hopefully, a new album means a new tour, Demi suggests. She said,

“It’s not set in stone right now, but I’m always going to end up touring at some point.”

We are definitely setting aside money for tickets.

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