‘Riverdale’ Lili Reinhart on Her Career Plan B and Dealing with Stress

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Riverdale actress Lili Reinhart says that if the show doesn’t work out, she already has a plan b: makeup school!

Speaking with Imagista, she revealed,

“I love makeup and I love special effects makeup. I was planning on going to makeup school because I had dabbled in it as a hobby and I always thought that I could make a career out of it. It was kind of like my backup plan. Luckily I never had to fall back on it, but I still really do enjoy doing makeup it is kind of an interesting hobby to have. I take advantage of it during Halloween time!”

Thank god things worked out for Lili! We’re sure she would have been a talented makeup artist but we love seeing her onscreen. And Lili agrees, obviously. Not only does she love acting, but she’s truly come to love Betty Cooper. Even though she didn’t grow up on the Archie comics, she said,

Betty is not a cartoon character to us, she is so much more than that. We wanted her to feel like she could have lived today and I feel like I put a lot of myself into this girl. I would go to the ends of the earth to defend Betty, I really truly care about her character and I am lucky enough to play her. I love Betty.”

Despite pretty much living out her dream, Lili said she still gets overwhelmed with her new life. In between filming season one, hitting up Comic-Con, going on press tours, and now filming season two, Lili has barely had a moment to catch her breath. So how does she recuperate? She said,

“I go to the beach a lot, sometimes even by myself. The world is overwhelming a lot of the times and I find myself to be an anxious person, I get stressed out and overwhelmed so I find it therapeutic to be at the beach. I have also been writing a lot this hiatus, I don’t write scripts or books I write a lot of poetry. I have been doing that a lot which is very encouraging, it is another artistic outlet. I also like to paint as well, but lately, I have been focusing more on writing. I journaled my entire life but I really got back into it in November and I noticed a lot of what I was writing was poetry. I started channeling my more poetic side. Maybe in a few years, I will be brave enough to publish it.”

We would love to see that! Who knew Lili had so many hidden talents?

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