4 Deaf Influencers to Follow on Instagram ASAP

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Deaf folks are so often left out of the conversation when it comes to representation and it’s time that changes.

There are so many badass deaf/Deaf folks doing awesome things and it’s time we truly celebrate them!

Below, we’ve compiled a list of influencers who are working hard to change the narrative about what it means to be deaf/Deaf in this country. Through activism, entertainment, and more, these folks are teaching the world to stop seeing deafness as a negative thing and instead, see it as a positive.

Although these influencers are using their platforms to educate the public, remember that it’s up to you to continue learning on your own. It’s up to you to learn about the proper terminology, when to use deaf versus Deaf, and why some folks use smartphone hearing aids while others do not.

Without further ado, check out some of our favorite deaf/Deaf influencers to follow on Instagram.

1. Nyle DiMarco (He/Him)


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Naturally, we have to start with Nyle DiMarco. The multi-talented model/actor has created an amazing career for himself that all started with his appearance on America’s Next Top Model — which he won, naturally.

He then went on to win Dancing With the Stars before making the switch to acting on TV shows like Switched at Birth, Difficult People, and Station 19. He also collaborated with The ASL App, which teaches conversational ASL phrases and signs.

He’s also working hard behind the scenes to bring Deaf representation to the forefront with his show DEAF U on Netflix, which he executive produced, and his documentary short Audible.

Follow Nyle’s amazing adventures on Instagram at @nyledimarco.

2. Shaylee Mansfield (She/Her)


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Shaylee Mansfield is an actress, dancer, and activist who uses her platform to teach fans all about Deaf culture. She makes super fun and easy-to-understand videos (often with her little sis!) to show what it’s like to be Deaf in a hearing world.

You’ve probably seen Shaylee before in her breakout role in the Netflix film Feel the Beat alongside Sofia Carson. She also made history as the first Deaf actress to be credited with a voice-over role for a signing-only animated character on the series Madagascar: A Little Wild.

You can follow Shaylee on Instagram at @shayleemansfield.

3. Chella Man (He/Him)


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Chella Man is an incredibly talented artist, author, and model who often explores the intersection of what it’s like being disabled, queer, and Asian.

Chella has dabbled in a variety of artistic endeavors including performance art, collages, films, paintings, and photography, to name a few. He also uses his platform to advocate for disabled rights and to fight anti-Asian racism.

Keep up with all of Chella’s projects on Instagram at @chellaman.

4. DEAFinitely Dope


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DEAFinitely Dope is a content creator and Deaf advocate who posts everything from ASL music covers to videos advocating for accessibility and inclusion for the Deaf community.

DEAFinitly Dope also does a ton of fun collaborations with other Deaf creators so his account is a great way to become introduced to even more Deaf influencers.

You can follow DEAFinitely Dope on Instagram at @deafinitelydope.


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