4 Iconic On-Screen Homes We Wished We Lived In IRL

Let’s be real: most of us have spent way too much time at home recently and are itching to be pretty much anywhere else.

So it’s only natural that we’d daydream about swapping places with one of our favorite characters onscreen, right? After all, wouldn’t you much rather be cooped up in Blair Waldorf’s penthouse than your house?

Below, we revisit some of the most iconic TV and movie houses including Bruce Wayne’s Wayne Manor, Blair Waldorf’s uptown penthouse, Cher Horowitz’s mansion, and the Salvatore Boarding House. Keep reading to check them all out.

1. Wayne Manor

wayne manor the dark knight
The Dark Knight (2008)

I mean, who doesn’t want to live in a giant mansion in Gotham? The best version of Wayne Manor is, of course, in Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight trilogy. The lavish home had all the best technology, a gorgeous view of the city, and, of course, the epic Batcave and Batmobile.

In real life, Wayne Manor is estimated to cost $32 million. Obviously, most of us can’t afford to cough up that kind of dough. But if you’re feeling ambitious you can make use of online mortgage calculators to examine how much you could borrow with the means available to you. Trussle’s tool could give you an indication of the interest you’d be likely to pay as well as the “Loan to value” rate or LTV.

Unfortunately, even if it turns out you can afford Wayne Manor, it’d be sans Batcave — but that could be a long-term DIY project.

2. Blair Waldorf’s Penthouse

gossip girl blair waldorf penthouse
Gossip Girl (2007)

Blair Waldorf’s upper westside penthouse in Gossip Girl is literally a fashion girl’s dream. First, it has that incredible staircase, perfect for making an entrance. On top of that, she has that gorgeous, victorian-style bedroom with a king-size bed and views of Central Park.

Blair’s penthouse is also perfect for entertaining — the large dining room is great for hosting a big Thanksgiving and her living room is just right for hosting the ultimate sleepover.

Unfortunately, Blair’s home at 1136 Fifth Avenue costs a whopping $35 million so most of us will just have to continue looking on with envy.

3. Cher Horowitz’s Mansion

clueless cher house
Clueless (1995)

New York not your style? Perhaps you’d rather hit up Beverly Hills and live in Cher Horowitz’s mansion from Clueless.

Cher’s mansion comes complete with a huge bedroom as well as the ultimate closet complete with your very own outfit finder.

She also has a luxurious living room with a giant fireplace and a large flatscreen television (gotta get those dance aerobic workouts in!). And the best part of it all? A double staircase perfect for kissing your adorable stepbrother.

If you’re interested in hitting up the Beverly Hills home, it will only cost you a cool $5.7 million. Totally reasonable, right?

4. The Salvatore Boarding House

the vampire diaries salvatore boarding house
The Vampire Diaries (2009)

The Salvatore Boarding House is pretty much the ultimate bachelor pad. Complete with an epic book collection and the best liquor supply, Damon and Stefan’s house is an awesome place to hang out alone, with your sibling, or to entertain guests (if you know what we mean). The house also comes with a dungeon, just in case you need to detox your vampire boyfriend.

And what you see onscreen is just a small piece of the house. In actuality, the manor is 14,000 square feet. On top of that, it’s located on 76 acres of land.

In real life, the home is called Glenridge Hall and sits in Atlanta, Georgia. It was built in 1929 and received a complete renovation in 2007. The house stayed in the family until the great-granddaughter tore down the house and sold the land in 2015.


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