4 'Just Because' Gifts for Your Best Friend

credit: Omar Lopez

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You love your best friend more than anyone else and want to show them how much they mean to you. What better way to do that than by giving them a meaningful “just-because” gift? You don’t need a specific occasion to give your bestie a gift. Showing them that you appreciate them being in your life can be as simple as giving them a custom candle or as elaborate as working with an artist to create a custom portrait of them. No matter what, your friend will be overjoyed that you put so much thought into a gift for them just because. Here are a few gift ideas that your BFF will surely love.

1. The Perfect Candle

candles gifts ideas
credit: Jessica Delp

Candles are an awesome gift for anyone’s best friend. There are so many different candles available for any type of person. Picking the perfect one for your best friend is easy, especially since you know them better than anyone. If your best friend is into a TV show or totally obsessed with a particular franchise, seeking out a candle that represents that special interest is super thoughtful. For example, if your bestie is a huge fan of the television show FRIENDS™, give them a FRIENDS™ candle crafted to smell just like the coffee shop from the show, Central Perk. How cool would it be to light a candle, turn on your favorite show and be fully immersed in its fictional world?

You could also choose a candle to represent their favorite memory or place. If your friend loves to visit, look for a candle that smells like that place. There are candles made to smell like the beach, the forest, the desert, and even specific cities. The sense of smell is closely linked to our memory, which makes it super easy to access that memory. You could also create a custom candle that’s perfect for your best friend. Creating a candle featuring a loving sentiment or a quote that’s unique to your friend’s personality is a winning idea. They’ll be blown away when they see the thought you’ve put into creating a custom candle just for them. This gift will surely create a memory that will last long after the candle has burnt out.

2. Personalized Portrait

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credit: Irene Stong

You have tons of photos with your best friend, but do you have a super cute or hilarious portrait? If not, it’s time to commission one! Artists from all over the internet are waiting for you to send in your reference photos so they can turn you and your friend into a work of art.

You can find an artist with a specific style to create a meaningful portrait of the two of you together. It can be a funny image, like the two of you as a renaissance painting, in a specific cartoon style, or doing something crazy. You might want to have an artist that does more traditional work so your friend can hang it in their living room. You may even want to commission something sentimental like a portrait of them with a beloved pet. No matter what avenue you choose, your best friend will absolutely love having a special picture made just for them.

3. Wreck Room Bestie Date

experience gift ideas wreck room
credit: Daniel Becerra

We all need a way to release our pent-up frustration. If your best friend is going through a rough time, a wreck room date is a perfect way to get all those feelings out. It can be a much-needed catharsis for people who need an outlet for life’s built-up stress. If you haven’t seen all the hype surrounding wreck rooms, now’s the time to check one out. Wreck rooms are controlled areas where you can smash anything and everything in the room. When you book a wreck room, you’ll either be allowed to bring your own things to destroy, like gifts from your ex, or the facility will provide you with items to break. Some places even have paint rooms where you can get messy and splatter paint all over the place.

There are clothing requirements for safety reasons, of course, and you and your friend will likely be required to wear long sleeves, pants, and closed-toe shoes. You’ll need to sign a waiver since things can get messy. The location should provide you with safety equipment, like face coverings and outerwear to protect you from flying debris, as well as the tools you’ll need to start breaking things. Sledgehammers, bats, golf clubs, and crowbars are among the most common. If you and your best friend could use this type of release, check out a wreck room and have a happy smashing!

4. Make Them Laugh

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credit: Omar Lopez

This might sound like something you do every day, but there’s more to it than just giving them a chuckle. You have tons of hilarious memories together that you never want to forget. You have inside jokes that are sparked by simply saying a single word. Don’t you want to give them a gift that embodies that forever? There are tons of ways to accomplish this. Put together a collection of photos or items from your funniest memories. Make a silly shrine to all the fun times you’ve had together. You can also get a fill-in-the-blank book about your best friend and fill it with hilarious inside jokes and funny photos for them to look back on when they’re feeling down. If all else fails, you can never go wrong with a good gag gift.


Finding the right gift to express how much you love and appreciate your best friend is a lot of fun. Working on a silly portrait of the two of you or planning a destruction date is a great way to let them know how much you love having them by your side. Your BFF will be happier than ever knowing they have a best friend like you!